Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Apologia pro bloga sua

A blog requires an apology, or at least a justification. I’m old enough to remember when the waste of bandwidth seemed like a serious issue; even if those days are gone your time and effort in reading is still valuable and I need to give you an account of why you should spend it on my blog.

I’ve started this blog because now seems like an interesting time in the funding and regulation of English Higher Education. I think I have something to say about these issues because I am a practitioner, not a commentator. My career has been spent in planning, regulating and funding English Higher Education – on both sides of the fence – and I think this gives me an understanding of how new developments fit into an existing structure, how they can work in practice and how they can interact with each other which is certainly not unique to me, but which is distinctive from most of the commentary I can find.

I hope this blog will be of interest to other workers in HE who want to understand how new policies and new regulations will affect their professional lives. It may also be of interest to others writing about these issues. I doubt it will ever say anything much that surprises my fellow planning professionals, but maybe over time I will be able to tempt some of them into posting comments to offer their own perspectives.

I currently work for an English university. It’s no secret which it is but I am not trying to publicise its name here or represent its views or policies. This blog is personal. Any views expressed may or may not be my own, they certainly are not those of my employer, but I think we can at least have confidence that they will not have caused grievous offence to any of my future employers.

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