Tuesday, 28 February 2012

In which my lack of enthusiasm for KIS is not universally shared

Sir Tim Wilson's review of business/university collaboration has recommended the adoption of a KIS for postgraduates as 'a priority development'. So clearly Sir Tim thinks better of the KIS than I do. It is difficult for me to argue that I know more about HE than he does, so I won't try.

What I will note, though, is that the problems of data aggregation and publication which exist in UG courses are even more severe in PG courses, which are often smaller (and sometimes very small indeed), usually last only a single year, and are even more diverse in their intake. HESA Destinations (DLHE) data show that graduates from certain PG courses are in astonishingly high-paying jobs six months after graduation, but the truth is that these individuals were often in those same very high-paying jobs before they began the course.

So if this one of Sir Tim's recommendations finds favour with BIS, I at least will not be cheering.

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