Wednesday, 22 June 2011

BPP going into the campus management business

This leaves me flabbergasted. BPP's core competencies are in teaching. Its track record shows that it is better than many public universities at delivering professionally-focused programmes in a professional way. But what background does it have in estates, procurement, IT and facilities management? They don't even have a campus of their own. Their existing business model relies on a distributed set of small, city-centre training venues (not that I'm knocking that, it seems like a really powerful business model, I just don't see how it demonstrates the core competencies to run a leafy suburban university campus).

I can't see anything specific on the BPP site, so maybe this is just loose talk. On the other hand there's a temptation to put this together with what Jon Baldwin has been saying and make conclusions, and I can't wholly resist that temptation.

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